Tuesday, April 9, 2013


ahhhhh.. it's been a long long time since I've posted something here.. guess I'm bad in keeping my promises, even to myself.. one of the items in my long-winded 2013 New Year Resolution was: get active in blogging; and at this point of time, 4 months into the year, this is a rather ambitious resolution to keep up with.. =D

anywhoooo, regardless, I'm back! and I hope this will not be the one single post I have for the whole of the year.. *keeping my fingers crossed on this* okay, so, updates!

1.the final semester. finally! at the end of my four-year course! it's an amazing journey so far with le coursemates, with DC members, with everyone practically, and I have no idea what and how but to anticipate what the future has to offer after June with faith.. been extremely free and lazy this semester where most classes are conducted at night and with the brain constantly thinking of where to hangout chill, one cannot help but wonder "is this really how my last semester will be?" we're always out somewhere doing something instead of staying in the room, reading materials for lessons or read up on cases from LexisNexis. I have this vague feeling I'm gonna regret being so relaxed once I start working.. 

2. the sweetest best friend ever! not even once have we both ever felt like we're gonna be best friends but ohhh, life does throw you a sweet lollipop once in a while to suck on~ finally, a secret confidant of whom I can trust with anything.. =) at the rate we're going at, I've began to know him so much more in the past 2 weeks than in the 3 1/2 years we know each other here.. some may say it's a little too late, but everything has its own time and what we have at this point, is just right where it's suppose to be.. really hope it goes on as the normal saying goes "best friends forever".. cheers~

3. Lihan. first met him when was on the way back to kampung last year during the long semester break.. long story cut short, I put aside the fear of the unknown and got to know him.. he was one of the those where I look forward to know rather than being reserved and it totals to an incredible and mostly happy 9 months of contacting each other.. not together yet, also no hopes of getting together at all, but loving the company so far~ =)

4. White and Case Jessup moot competition 2013. it became one of my biggest regrets, if there is such a thing where I get to list down all my regrets for the whole 24 years I'm on Earth, this has got to be the Top 3. the timing itself was all wrong. the attitude towards it was all wrong. everything was wrong. I hated it down to my very core because of all the things I, in my own little cocoon of a world, have to let go or sacrifice in order to make it work in the competition. bestie was my partner and thinking about it while typing this, I cannot help but feel a pang of guilt and regret that I made it all wrong for him. I gave up at the wrong time and gave the worst, even to the point where I was willing to sabotage the team's effort, just so that I can have my own peace of mind.. the lack of preparation, the lack of that desire to do my best, the eagerness for it to just be over and be done with, it all boiled down to the worst performance ever in my mooting career.. sad, but cannot be undone.. feeling very sorry to bestie..

5. longer hair~ have been keeping the hair since the later half of last year and resisted every single desire to just walk in a saloon and chop it off! and true to the kayan genes my mom passed to me, the hair is now super wavy and without proper care and love (an act I failed to do 99% of the time), becomes frizzy all the time.. mom calls me 'lion queen' because the hair resembles a lion's mane but sadly, I'm of the female gender, hence the mix of both. it is now gone past the shoulders and am patiently waiting for how it will turn out by graduation month. can't wait!

I can't think of anything else to type for now.. the mind is racing, thinking of all the pending work and assignments that has been abandoned. it's the mid-semester break now, all alone in Kachi typing this down.. haha~ but oh well, so far so good, need to stop complaining on all the petty stuff.. =)

till then, 
Bel. =D

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